Tripler Army Medical Center FAQ

Installation Info: Zip Code: 96859, Area Code: 808, DSN: 433

Eight miles from Hawaii's famed Waikiki Beach, Tripler Army Medical Center is the only Army medical center outside the U.S. mainland. The largest medical military treatment facility in the Pacific, it operates the U.S. Army Health Clinic at Schofield Barracks, which includes a Troop Medical Clinic at the Armed Forces Recreation Center, Kilauea Military Camp and a Troop Medical Clinic, Pohakuloa Training Area.

The center dates from 1907 when several wooden structures at Fort Shafter were used as a hospital. In 1920 the facility was named in honor of Brevet Brig. Gen. Charles Stuart Tripler for his contributions to Army medicine during the Civil War. Tripler is the nerve center of the Pacific Regional Medical Command, and the most prominent provider of health care for military personnel across the Pacific. The architecturally unique coral pink structure is a familiar landmark on the south shore of Oahu. Personnel use the commissary at Fort Shafter, and the medical center maintains a small exchange.

Children attending local schools in Honolulu. Medical care is top rate, with 350 beds available and services to care for all needs. Recreational activities available within the center complex include an athletic field, bowling, pool, gym and tennis facilities.

There has been a change to the 120 day pet quarantine for animals coming into the State. If the animals have the prescribed shots, etc., months ahead of time, the quarantine time has been reduced to a week or so. Best to contact the the Humane Society at the following web site: www. and then scroll down to Call-in questions and then down to Quarantine updates.