Schofield Barracks FAQ

Installation Info: Zip Code: 96857, Area Code: 808

When Major John M. Schofield visited the Hawaiian Islands in 1872 to determine the defense capabilities of its ports, it marked the beginning of the U.S. presence in Hawaii. He concluded that an easily defendable harbor could be formed at the mouth of the Pearl River, and after the U.S. annexed Hawaii in 1898,military roots took hold.

Near Wahiawa in the center of Oahu, Schofield Barracks houses the 25th Infantry Division (Light) unit, the Army Garrison, Hawaii; 703rd Military Intelligence Brigade; 45th Corps Support Group (Forward); and the Hawaii National Guard. The base had a large population of about 12,005 active-duty personnel with 11,380 family members, along with 3,000 Guard, 1,273 Reserve and 2,673 civilians. Housing offers 667 officer-family units, 4,687 enlisted-family units, 36 unaccompanied officer units and 26 unaccompanied enlisted units. Temporary lodging is also available, offering 192 guest house units. A large commissary and large exchange mall with various specialty shops service personnel. Families are provided for with a child care center that can accommodate 310 children, with part-time and hourly care available. An outpatient clinic and two family-practice clinics provide base medical needs, with Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu offering specialty care.

Schooling is provided on post with three elementary schools and one secondary school, and additional school choices are nearby. Recreational activities see a good part of base funding, offering golf, gym, fitness center, library, pool, youth center, bowling, auto crafts center, tennis and various club organizations.

There has been a change to the 120 day pet quarantine for animals coming into the State. If the animals have the prescribed shots, etc., months ahead of time, the quarantine time has been reduced to a week or so. Best to contact the the Humane Society at the following web site: www. and then scroll down to Call-in questions and then down to Quarantine updates.