Portsmouth Naval Shipyard FAQ

Installation Info: Zip Code: 03804, Area Code: 207, DSN: 684

The first of six to be founded by Congress in 1800, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard was completed on June 12, 1800. The Treaty of Portsmouth, which ended the Russian-Japanese War in 1905, was signed there, thanks to the mediation of President Theodore Roosevelt. During WWII, the shipyard employed 24,000 workers, who produced record numbers of submarines. Today, the shipyard's focus is the overhaul of nuclear submarines. Sitting on an island on the Maine side of the Piscataqua River that separates Maine and New Hampshire, the shipyard once housed a naval prison, which closed in 1974. The shipyard is a Department of Navy facility that repairs, overhauls and maintains Navy ships, including nuclear-powered ships. Drydocks, cranes, waste-handling facilities and offices are located at the shipyard. Activities supporting nuclear propulsion systems are performed in accordance with the requirements and authority of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, a joint Department of Energy and Department of Navy program responsible for all activities relating to naval nuclear propulsion.

The school districts of Kittery, Maine and Portsmouth, N.H., operate the schools in the area. Health care is provided at the yard at a clinic, which is under the Tricare System. Inpatient care and other services are provided at York Hospital in Maine and the Portsmouth Regional Hospital in New Hampshire. Both are within seven miles of the yard.

Recreation options on base include the yard marina; bowling; hobby shop; library; gym; fitness center; tennis, squash and handball courts; billiards; ice skating; swimming; picnicking; and fishing. Settled in 1623, Portsmouth, N.H., lays claim to being the nation's third-oldest city. Now a city of 23,000, Portsmouth was ranked by Money Magazine in 1997 as one of the top 10 places to live. The Prescott Park Arts Festival, a series of concert and theater performances every July and August, is one of more popular local events. Portsmouth is about 50 miles north of Boston.