NSA Annapolis FAQ

Installation Info: Zip Code: 21402, Area Code: 410, DSN: 281

Once known as Fort Severn, the Annapolis Naval Station in Maryland was not officially commissioned until May 1947. However, the Navy's presence in Annapolis had begun in 1845 with the establishment of the U.S. Naval Academy. Almost a century later, in 1939 and the outbreak of WWII,the naval station began to take shape as the Severn River Naval Command. Two years later, the station was re-established at the present site of the Annapolis Naval Station. After the official commissioning of Annapolis NS in 1947, the base began to expand. Within that year many new structures were built, including the first land barracks. In 1962, the original Severn River Naval Command was closed and all personnel were moved to Annapolis NS.

Anne Arundel County schools serve children residing on base. For medical attention a clinic is located on base. For emergency care, other military and civilian hospitals within the area are available.

Recreational activities within the Annapolis area are varied, depending on the weather, which is mild in the winter, but can be hot and humid in summer. The annual boat shows draw recreational sailors from all over the world. Washington, D.C., and Baltimore are within 25 miles of Annapolis. Both cities have a full slate of recreational and cultural opportunities, including museums, historical sites and professional sports. Sandy Point State Park offers fishing, swimming and picnicking as well as a great view of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.