NS Newport FAQ

Installation Info: Zip Code: 02841, Area Code: 401, DSN: 948

Iron steamships first fought one another during the Civil War, during which both Confederate and Union navies also used submarines and steamships. As these new ships and weapons battered one another, a number of important men in uniform saw how naval warfare would evolve. Among those was Adm. Dixon Porter, who realized that in the future of ships would slip beneath the sea to perform silent services, or be covered in metal and fight with huge cannons. It was under Porter's efforts that the Navy established torpedoes, mines and other explosives as part of naval warfare's "emerging technology." In accordance with his vision, the Navy created the Torpedo Station on Goat Island in 1869, which has since become the Newport Naval Complex, home of the Navy Education and Training Center. This is the only active military base in Rhode Island.

The center's role in the Navy is to train a wide array of personnel: officers who serve above and below the sea's choppy surface, senior enlisted personnel and young men and women preparing to attend their first year at the Naval Academy.

All schools in the area are under the control of the local school districts.

Health care for personnel and their families is available at the Newport Naval Hospital, which provides outpatient care only. Inpatient, specialist and emergency care is provided in nearby Newport Hospital. Looking for exercise or something fun to do? The center provides a pool; gym; tennis; marina; auto shop; bowling; gear rental; library; clubs; travel office and picnic areas. Within several miles of the State Airport in Newport, the base sits near Newport Harbor and is surrounded by a number of interesting and historical sites. The nearby Touro Synagogue, built in 1763, is the oldest synagogue in the United States and a popular site for tourists. William Vanderbilt loved Newport so much he built the "Marble House" in 1892, a house of creamy marble and glimmering gilding. There are also a number of walks to take to see Newport's summer cottages, yacht races or the beautiful Norman Bird Sanctuary.