NMC Portsmouth FAQ

Installation Info: Zip Code: 23708, Area Code: 757, DSN: 377

The oldest continuously running hospital in the Navy lies, appropriately, in the Chesapeake Bay area in Portsmouth, Va., one of the most historic areas in the United States.

The hospital is home to the Naval Medical Center and the Naval School of Health Sciences. The ground the hospital stands on was originally a colonist fort that was later taken by the British. The site lay untouched until 1827, when the commissioners of the naval hospital fund were granted their request to build on the site. The first hospital building, which stands at the opposite end of hospital point, was finally completed in 1833.

In 1855, Portsmouth Naval Hospital operated its first humanitarian mission as the Secretary of the Navy authorized the hospital to treat civilian victims of the Yellow Fever epidemic sweeping Hampton Roads.

Housing is provided at Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base. All area schools are run by the local school district. Childcare is available at the hospital and at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard and the Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base in Norfolk.

For fun and exercise the hospital provides a pool; gym; gear rental and all-hands club. South of the area, Dismal Swamp offers opportunities for adventurous hunters and hikers. History buffs will enjoy Colonial Williamsburg, a re-created colonial village, only 45 miles away. For the sports fan, the area is home to the Hampton Roads Admirals, a minor-league hockey team, and the Hampton Roads Mariners, a minor-league soccer team.