Naval Hospital Bremerton FAQ

Installation Info: Zip Code: 98312, Area Code: 360, DSN: 494

When Peter Puget, an officer with the expedition of British navigator George Vancouver, probed the main channel of what local tribes called the "Whulge," he probably had no idea how important that body of water was. The "Whulge," now named Puget Sound, depicts a deep inlet of the North Pacific in Washington state. Home to many deepwater harbors, the Sound provides transportation for farm produce, fishing grounds for mariners and breezes for pleasure boats.

Near the banks of this historic body of water sits Bremerton Naval Hospital, five miles north of Bremerton Naval Station. The hospital offers a childcare program, but it is filled on a space-available basis. The station offers childcare programs, as does nearby Bangor Naval Base. All schools in the area are run by local school districts. Bremerton and the surrounding area are ideal for many activities outdoors in the mild, and often wet, weather. Options for recreational activity range from visiting one of the eight local museums, seven state parks or eight area golf courses. The naval station and shipyard together possess more than 100 historical properties. The local history of several Native American tribes is exhibited throughout the region.