NAS Key West FAQ

Installation Info: Zip Code: 33040, Area Code: 305, DSN: 483

The U.S. Navy's presence in Key West dates from 1823, when a naval base was built on the island to stop the piracy of wealthy fleets. Over the years, the naval base has undergone a roller-coaster ride between expansion and inactivity. It played a vital role during the Mexican War, Spanish-American War and WWI. Soon after WWI the base was decommissioned. It remained inactive until 1939, when the start of WWII led to the reopening of the base and its designation as Key West Naval Air Station. It was a training base for fleet aircraft squadrons. After WWII, the base was retained as a training facility. It once again served as a vital partner to the U.S. Navy Fleet in 1962, when it was called to help in the Cuban Missile Crisis. After many studies by the Navy, the base was made fully operational in March 1979 as a naval air station.

Over the years, most of the squadrons assigned to Key West NAS have been decommissioned or relocated. Key West Naval Station is composed of five different locations including Harry S. Truman Annex, Trumbo Point, Meacham Field and Boca Chica. There are medical clinics for active-duty personnel and dependants by appointment only.

The island of Key West measures 1-1/2 miles by 4 miles and is a tropical paradise153 miles southwest of Miami but only 95 miles north of Cuba. One notices the emerald water when approaching the southernmost city of the United States on one of the 42 bridges connecting the Florida Keys. Base recreational activities include bowling, fitness center, pool, marina, fishing, camping and an endless array of water sports.