Fort Shafter FAQ

Installation Info: Zip Code: 96858, Area Code: 808

Fort Shafter is headquarters for the U.S. Army Pacific, with major units U.S. Army Pacific, Pacific Ocean Division, and the Army Corps of Engineers.

The oldest Army post in Hawaii, Fort Shafter was named in honor of Maj. Gen. William R. Shafter, a leader of America's troops in Cuba in the Spanish-American War in 1898. Those moving to Fort Shafter will find helpful relocation services and a number of family groups and organizations. An elementary school is on post, overseen by the Honolulu School District, with additional off-post schools in Honolulu. The joint AMR military family housing area, located in the center of the island of Oahu, offers residents easy access to work and recreation. The Tripler Army Medical Center next to the post is a major referral center for Fort Shafter.

Between Fort Shafter and the surrounding bases, many recreational opportunities are offered, with fitness centers, youth centers, pools, social clubs, tennis courts, beauty salons, education centers, the U.S. Army Museum and historic Palm Circle.

There has been a change to the 120 day pet quarantine for animals coming into the State. If the animals have the prescribed shots, etc., months ahead of time, the quarantine time has been reduced to a week or so. Best to contact the the Humane Society at the following web site: www. and then scroll down to Call-in questions and then down to Quarantine updates.