Fort Rucker FAQ

Installation Info: Zip Code: 36362, Area Code: 334, DSN: 558

Southern Hospitality at it's Best!

Known as the "Home of Army Aviation," Fort Rucker takes great pride in its Army Aviation Center, evident in its display case of TRADOC's Installation of Excellence awards. The post covers a sprawling 64,500 acres of southeast Alabama countryside with rolling grass hills, wooded area and an abundance of lakes and streams.

Home of the 1st Aviation Brigade, Fort Rucker is on the leading edge of aviation technology with installations such as the Air Maneuver Battle Lab and the ARI Aviation R&D Activity. The post became a mecca for Army aviators when all Army Aviation flight training was consolidated at the fort in 1973.

With a lot of old-fashioned Southern hospitality on the post as well as in friendly neighboring communities, Fort Rucker is an excellent place to live and work. Base schools are funded through the DOD and also offer special education services. With its location 80 miles north of the ocean and 80 miles south of Montgomery, Fort Rucker offers military family and personnel the best of avionics and the Old South.

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