Fort McNair FAQ

Installation Info: Zip Code: 20319, Area Code: 703, DSN: 227

An Army post for more than 200 years, third only to West Point and Carlisle Barracks, Fort McNair is headquarters for the Military District of Washington, D.C. Built on the point of land where the Potomac and Anacostia rivers join, the base also hosts major units such as the National Defense University and the Inter-American Defense College.

The top defense post is mired in history, with 90 percent of the present buildings on the post's 100 acres built before 1908. The post was established in 1791 and renamed in 1948 to honor Lt. Gen. Lesley J. McNair, commander of Army ground forces during World War II. Fort McNair has been the headquarters of the U.S. Army Military District of Washington since 1966. The population is served by commissaries at Bolling AFB and Fort Myer and their exchanges, with a mini-mart on post. Families at the fort benefit from the Army Community Service (ACS), which assists service members and families with relocation. The ACS offers a Lending Closet, post orientation, and information about agencies, employment, and other services to assist personnel needs. Families are also assisted by the Family Advocacy Program and support services such as prenatal support, respite childcare, family life library and counseling services.

Medical and dental clinics are available on post, as well as access to the renowned Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Add these amenities to not only the wide range of recreational activities, but the historic sightseeing opportunities in the nation's capital, and Fort McNair is an appealing post for all military personnel.