Fort Eustis FAQ

Installation Info: Zip Code: 23604, Area Code: 757, DSN: 826

The "Spearhead of Logistics," Fort Eustis, Virginia, is home to the U.S. Army Transportation Center. "Nothing happens until something moves" is the slogan of the installation that consolidates training in rail, marine, amphibious operations and all other modes of military movement.

Fort Eustis was known in colonial times as Mulberry Island and was the residence of John Rolfe, husband of Indian Princess Pocahontas. In response to World War I, the Army bought Mulberry Island and named it in honor of Brevit Brig. Gen. Abraham Eustis, the first commanding officer of Fort Monroe. Children can attend public or private schools in Newport News. A modern aquatic center is part of base recreation, in addition to fishing, boating, skeet range, golf course, theater, go-kart track, gym, library, tennis and various nature trails.

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