Fort Bragg FAQ

Installation Info: Zip Code: 28310, Area Code: 910, DSN: 236

Fort Bragg remains one of the Army's most active bases entering the 21st century, mainly on its ability to deploy units anywhere in the world on very short notice. The base was key to most major U.S. troop deployments during world crises in the 1990s.

The original encampment was established in 1918 when a suitable area was sought for year-round training. The fort was named for Gen. Braxton Bragg, who fought during the Indian Wars and was eventually named the Confederate Army's commander in chief under President Jefferson Davis.

There are many recreational opportunities on base, including: Smith Lake Beach, stables, theater, bowling, auto shops, fitness centers, golf courses, rod and gun club, library, swimming pools, a skating/ice rink and parachute clubs.