Davis-Monthan AFB FAQ

Installation Info: Zip Code: 85707, Area Code: 520, DSN: 228

Dedicated by Col. Charles Lindbergh for two Tucson, Ariz., residents who died flying for the U.S. Army, the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base began as a stop for aircraft bound for California. The Air Combat Command based there trains A/OA-10A, A-10A pilots as well as forward air controllers, air liaison officers and EC-130H commanders in command and communications countermeasures.

All newcomers must undergo Right Start orientation within five days of arrival. For processing bring a pen, copies of current orders, finance records, transportation requests if returning from overseas, travel receipts and government traffic records.

The local school board runs all schools in the area. There is also an exchange, movie theater, fast-food restaurant, gas station, bowling center, veterinary clinic and commissary.

Health care is available on and off base. The base hospital offers basic medical and dental services. However, no emergency room or delivery room services exist on base. These services are available in Tucson.