Installation Info: Zip Code: 23461, Area Code: 757, DSN: 492

Dam Neck Fleet Combat Training Center Atlantic Fleet (FCTCLANT) is the Navy's only open-ocean, live-fire training facility. Founded in 1941 as an anti-aircraft range, the name of Dam Neck has been around since 1881, when it was given to a life-saving station. During WWII, the Navy purchased the little station from the Coast Guard, which used it as a signal station. In April 1942, the former Norfolk Anti-Aircraft Range was commissioned as the Anti-Aircraft Training and Test Center. By the end of WWII, the station's fate was uncertain. All the other anti-aircraft ranges in the U.S. had been closed. The base survived the threat of a closure in the late 1940s.

Dam Neck's largest course of instruction is Operations Specialist "A" school. It is 14 weeks of intense instruction and training.

Facilities on the base include medical and dental clinics (active duty only). Children residing on the base attend local schools off base. Only five miles from Virginia Beach, Dam Neck possesses 3.2 miles of Virginia's best waterfront property. Recreational activities provided on base include bowling, tennis, racquetball, pool, hunting, jogging trail and campgrounds. Recreation options off base include Virginia Beach's seven major city parks, five community recreation parks and 161 neighborhood parks. There are also three federal wildlife refuges.